Eben Alexanders Near Death Experience

This is a great video on the mind, brain, consciousness, religion, reincarnation, and life after death.

Eben Alexander, author of Proof of Heaven, is a Neurosurgeon who fell into a 7 day coma in 2008.  He was diagnosed with a rare form of bacterial meningitis, which he claims shut down his neocortex, the seat of human consciousness.  Before his coma, he believed in the conventional scientific model of the world – the brain produces consciousness.  After his coma, and near death experience (NDE), everything had changed for him.  He provides an amazing account of his NDE and brings us some lessons from the other side:

We are all one soul

You are deeply loved and cherished forever

You have nothing to fear – so live life fearlessly

Hell isn’t real and it’s not necessary – you experience the wrongs you’ve done in life review or here on Earth

There is nothing you can do wrong

We are all one consciousness, we are all connected – Consciousness is at the core of it all (time, space, matter)

There is of course controversy with any NDE, and Eben Alexander is no different.   This article provides a great breakdown between the skeptics and Eben Alexander.

Whether  you believe his account or not, it is without a doubt, very interesting.   His teaching of unconditional love is one that rings true throughout all religions and all time.   Treat everyone with unconditional love, including yourself.   Treat everyone as if they’re family and help each other.

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